Long-Term Answer to Border Crises: Empower Women

Long-Term Answer to Border Crises: Empower Women. YaleGlobal. Marisol Ruiz. August 19, 2014.

Policy proposals to end the flow of children streaming across the southern border of the United States too often focus on enforcement, including increased military presence along the border or warehouse-like detention centers in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, the three nations that so many try to flee. Such proposals miss the major challenge behind many border crises, that is, minimal attention to a gender perspective on issues that contributes to lingering poverty, violence, inequality and lack of opportunities, argues Marisol Ruiz. According to Ruiz, televised Investing in education and family-planning programs to reduce birthrates could reduce poverty. The policies known as “gender mainstreaming” offer a sustainable approach to ending the massive, tragic migratory influxes that also pose humanitarian and moral crisis. [Note: contains copyrighted material].

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