Future of Two Unions, the EU and the UK, Hangs in Balance

Future of Two Unions, the EU and the UK, Hangs in Balance. YaleGlobal. Alistair Burnett. May 12, 2015.

Voters in the United Kingdom surprised the world by re-electing Prime Minister David Cameron, whose ability to win concessions from the European Union could affect Britain’s influence abroad. “The Conservatives went into the election promising to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with the EU and then hold a referendum on continuing membership by the end of 2017,” explains Alistair Burnett. Cameron has suggested that, if the EU makes adjustments on open borders and immigration, he would join the business community in campaigning for the UK to remain an EU member. But the electorate may vote in the referendum to withdraw, thus dividing the UK. That’s because the Scottish National Party, which made gains in the election, supports sticking with the EU. Burnett concludes, “A UK out of the EU, shorn of Scotland, would consolidate the perception in the world’s major capitals that Cameron is taking the country down an isolationist path.”

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