Is There a Shortage of Marriageable Men?

Is There a Shortage of Marriageable Men? Brookings Institution. September 23, 2015.

In the last half century, marriage rates have fallen dramatically. The paper explores possible drivers of this trend, including declining economic prospects among men, an increase in unwed births that constrain women’s later marriageability, rising rates of incarceration, and a reversal of the education gap that once favored men and now favors women. The authors estimate that the decline in male earnings since 1970 among both black and less-educated white men can explain a portion of the decline in marriage, but that cultural factors have played an important role as well. They argue that the ratio of marriageable men to women depends critically on how one defines “marriageable.” [Note: contains copyrighted material]. Summary [PDF format, 2 pages, 148 KB]. Full Text [PDF format, 9 pages, 1.4 MB].


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