Warming World Promises More Refugees

Warming World Promises More Refugees. YaleGlobal. Richard D. Lamm. January 14, 2016.

Climate change combined with war and a growing population could pose challenges of unimaginable magnitude. “Last summer’s Mediterranean crisis, a migration of Biblical proportions from Syria to Europe, is likely merely a preview of the dislocation to come,” writes Lamm. “It is not too apocalyptic to consider the possibility that ultimately a warming world cannot support the 9 billion human beings anticipated by 2050.” Those in government and industry cannot assume a world without limits, and some, including the U.S. Pentagon and insurance analysts, already draft policies preparing for consequences of climate change. Generosity alone is not enough to handle all challenges. Excuses and surprise about new crises wear thin, and world leaders have a responsibility to anticipate and plan. [Note: contains copyrighted material].

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