Whisper It Softly: Muslims Are Part of Europe’s Future

Whisper It Softly: Muslims Are Part of Europe’s Future. YaleGlobal. Shada Islam. March 10, 2016.

Violent conflict in the Middle East is driving hundreds of thousands of refugees toward Europe, a crisis that is straining resources, explains Shada Islam. The continent is divided over welcoming the refugees and settling them in different countries, with some politicians stoking fear and warning about a clash of cultures. “Muslims, also, whatever their origin and sectarian affiliations, must get used to regarding Europe as their home, if they are to have fulfilling and productive lives,” Islam notes, pointing out that before the crisis Europe was already home to more than 40 million Muslims, many productive and active citizens. The economy will benefit from smooth integration. “The conversation must underline that living together means abiding by certain ground rules,” Islam concludes. “Integration is a two-way street, requiring adjustment efforts by migrants and host societies.” Communities can step up to the challenge and even flourish by addressing concerns with facts rather than hysterics and fear. [Note: contains copyrighted material].

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