Funding of Presidential Nominating Conventions: An Overview

Funding of Presidential Nominating Conventions: An Overview. Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress. R. Sam Garrett and Shawn Reese. May 4, 2016.

During the 113th Congress, legislation (H.R. 2019) became law (P.L. 113–94) eliminating Presidential Election Campaign Fund (PECF) funding for convention operations. The 2012 Democratic and Republican convention committees each received grants, financed with public funds, of approximately $18.2 million (for a total of approximately $36.5 million, as rounded). Barring a change in the status quo, the 2016 presidential nominating conventions will, therefore, be the first since the 1976 election cycle not supported with public funds. Changes in PECF funding for convention operations do not affect separately appropriated security funds. The 114th Congress enacted one law (P.L. 114–113) in FY2016 that affected convention security funding with the appropriation of $100 million for the Democratic and Republican nominating conventions (each was allocated $50 million). This security funding will not be provided to party convention committees but to the state and local law enforcement entities assisting in securing the convention sites. Because public funding for convention operations has now been eliminated, this report provides a historical overview of how PECF convention funding functioned and describes private funding sources that remain available.

[PDF format, 13 pages, 758.28 KB].


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