Capitalist Democracy’s Left-Behinds Challenge the System

Capitalist Democracy’s Left-Behinds Challenge the System. YaleGlobal. Humphrey Hawksley. August 2, 2016.

Democracy appears to be malfunctioning in a fast-paced world. “The concept of the Western-style democratic system is that an accountable government funded by revenue from the market will distribute wealth thus creating a stable society,” writes Hawksley, who points out large number of citizens, many uneducated, are convinced that democratic systems are rigged by wealthy and educated elites. “Rather than feeling more involved through their elected representatives, people have a sense of being excluded politically and left behind economically, and this is not how democracy is meant to work.” Examples of such discontent, with disjointed opinions between citizens and their leaders, include the British decision to leave the European Union and the rise of self-proclaimed billionaire Donald Trump. [Note: contains copyrighted material].

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