Upgrading Voter Registration Processes

Upgrading Voter Registration Processes. Pew Charitable Trusts. Alexis Schuler and Samuel Derheimer. October 18, 2016.

In February 2012, The Pew Charitable Trusts released a groundbreaking examination of the nation’s voter rolls, underscoring accuracy, cost, and efficiency challenges facing voter registration systems. The analysis presented national-level estimates on the number of voter registration records that were inaccurate or no longer valid, including the number of voters registered in more than one state, and the number of deceased individuals on the rolls.
With guidance from election officials, academics, and technology experts, Pew developed a comprehensive plan to upgrade voter registration systems, consisting of three recommendations for state election authorities to consider:

•Compare registration lists with other data sources, such as motor vehicle and national change-of-address records, to broaden the base of information used to update and verify voter rolls.

•Implement proven techniques and security protocols that use those data sources to better track and identify inaccurate records that could be removed, as well as eligible citizens who could be registered.

•Minimize manual data entry by providing voters with opportunities to submit their information online, which in turn would reduce costs and errors.

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