Implementation Guide for Utilities: Designing Renewable Energy Products to Meet Large Energy Customer Needs

Implementation Guide for Utilities: Designing Renewable Energy Products to Meet Large Energy Customer Needs. World Resources Institute. Priya Barua. June 2017

Large-scale corporate energy buyers are seeking renewable energy as a central element of their overall energy strategy. In a few states, these commercial and industrial (C&I) customers have collaborated with their utilities to create new opportunities to buy renewable energy in ways that deliver more value to the customer.

Building on that experimentation, this guide provides a synthesis of the ways utilities can meet the renewable energy demand of large-scale energy buyers.

The paper first describes some of the existing green tariff designs, addresses why some of the country’s largest shareholder utilities are offering green tariff options, and concludes by outlining the considerations necessary to build an attractive and pragmatic green tariff offering based on learnings to date. [Note: contains copyrighted material].

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The Myth or Reality of US Energy Independence

The Myth or Reality of US Energy Independence. Center for Strategic & International Peace. Anthony H. Cordesman. January 3, 2013.

U.S. “independence” from energy imports has been a key source of political dispute ever since the October War in 1973 and the Arab oil embargo that followed. Much of this debate has ignored or misstated the nature of the data available on what the U.S. options are, as well as the uncertainties involved in making any long range projections. This situation has become more critical during the last year as it becomes increasingly apparent that the U.S. has far more commercially exploitable oil and gas reserves than most previous estimates have indicated. Some estimates go so far as to project the U.S. could actually become an energy exporter in the future. [Note: contains copyrighted material].

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The Energy and Security Nexus: A Strategic Dilemma

The Energy and Security Nexus: A Strategic Dilemma. Strategic Studies Insitute. Carolyn Pumphrey. November 23, 2012.

It is hard to overstate the importance of energy. Energy literally drives the global economy. Without question, the links between energy and security are significant, but how so? The book explores the connections between energy and security (human, national, and international) and provides considerable discussion on how best to resolve this strategic dilemma.

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